Episode Review: Supernatural "Angel Heart"

For the fourth episode running, Supernatural  hit it out of the park in terms of quality, plot and feels with last week's episode, "Angel Heart." The episode focused on Claire Novak (Kathryn Love Newton), daughter of Jimmy Novak, Castiel's vessel, and Cas' continued attempts to make things right with her after taking away her family. Though it may not have been is specific plan, Cas did end up bringing Claire back to her family, and more importantly, setting her up in a new one.

The monster of the week was a nasty new type of angel called a Grigori. It sort of ate people's souls slowly over years. One of it's victims was Claire's other Amelia Noval (played in this episode by L Word alum Leisha Hailey). Claire got herself pretty close on her own before getting knocked out in an an alley, cue her kind-of-dad, his boyfriend and a moose showing up to help her along the way.  Eventually they do find Amelia Novak - thanks to work from everyone and - and the mother-daughter reunion is tearful and brief, as Amelia gives her life to save Claire from the Grigori. It's okay though becuase this allows Claire to awesomely take vengeance on the bad guy (and save Castiel at the same time) and we get to  see Amelia arrive in heaven to meet her soulmate, Jimmy, and tell him how strong their daughter grew up to be. I'm not gonna lie - I cried. 

The great thing about this episode was seeing the different ways the guys all related to Claire.  We had cool uncle Sam who nonchalantly taught Claire how to commit credit card fraud and use aliases. Then there was awkward, strict dad Cas who was most concerned with Claire's safety but tried to make her birthday special with a grumpy cat plushie from "the hot topical." And then there's Dean, the step dad convinced the teen hates him and who claims to hate the younger generation who actually had the most in common with Claire and was finally able to help her see that Cas wasn't so bad and that her dad had given his life to save the world. The episode ended with a wonderful Cas and Claire hug that had me tearing up again.

All of this family greatness couldn't have happened without a wonderful actress in the role of Claire, and definitely got that with Kathryn Love Newton in her third turn in the role. She was wonderful at showing Claire anger and loneliness as well as her strength and grudging affection for the guys. We ended the episode with Claire heading of to join what's become Jody Mill's home for wayward girls. Take note, CW network, the spin off talk started as soon as those word's  left Sam's mouth.

There wasn't much movement on the Mark of Cain story line other than Dean continuing to get more violent and Cas and Sam continuing to worry about him, but that's all going to change as we head into the final batch of episodes. With the great run the show has been on so far, I'm extremely excited to see how it goes.