Episode Review: Agents of SHEILD "Aftershocks"

Agent Carter may be done, for now (SOB), but Agents of SHIELD was back in it's place last night to pick up from the big midseason finale, where we saw the loss of Trip, Mack going nutzoid, and Skye and Raina ascending to Inhumanity (spell-check assures me that's a word. Cool.) Following such an epic midpoint, this episode was surprisingly subdued, as it tried to fit every character we care about and some we don't into the episode.

The core SHIELD team was dealing with quite a lot, and not in very good ways. Poor Agent Coulson was carrying some serious guilt and grief over Trip's death, even though he rationalized that Trip died to prevent a disaster. The way they talked about Trip was a bit surprising to me, as it didn't quite match the character I'd seen on the show, because we never got a real sense of who Trip was beyond a generally cool and cool guy, but oh well.

Coulson focuses his grief on dealing some serious blows to HYDRA, in a plan involving tricking Bakshi (remember him) to lead them to HYDRA leadership, and also planting the seeds so most of said leaders would kill each other. The plan in convoluted, and now Bakshi may be going into US custody, but it was a bad day for HYDRA, and the montage of all the deaths had a great Godfather vibe to it. So that was cool.

Mac was also dealing with the guilt of having been driven crazy by alien technology, but I figure he can call up Hawkeye and form a support group. Oh wait, as Bobbi tells Brick, she and Mack already have a support group...except that's a lie and they may be working against SHIELD. I hope not, becuase I really love Adrianne Palicki.

Mac also gave and found support with his nerdy BF, Fitz. Poor Fitz was freaking out over what the instruments were telling him about Skye, thinking it was all in his head. Turns out he's not crazy, Skye isn't quite human any more. This is a problem considering, how Simmons is taking the fear route in dealing with things. Her focus was on flooding the alien city and possibly killing the surprisingly alive, very thorny, and also Inhuman Raina to prevent a plague.

Poor Skye. Stuck in quarantine and developing earthquake powers which no one but Fitz seemed to notice (really?). Any emotional overload sets the ground a0000 quakin'. This matches with what we were shown in a flashack of Skye's mother guiding another inhuman into understanding his powers and control his emotions. This guy, Gordon, it the eyeless teleporter who we saw at the end of the last episode. He shows up at the end here to rescue Raina from SHIELD (after she decided, thanks to being dumped by Syke's dad) that she'd rather die than live being all thorny and ugly. Raina is superficial and continues to be annoying, but she's with the Inhuman network now, so that night be interesting.

In the end Skye is released after Fitz lies about her DNA results. Add that to Mack and Boobi conspiring to find Nick Fury's tool box, Raina and Cal on the lose and as crazy as ever, and HYDRA in disray and we have the set up for some fun stories.

And hey, no Grant Ward this episode. YAY.

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