Episode Review: Supernatural "The Things They Carried"

A quick note on episode reviews - I wasn't able to get to any last week due to vacation, but I'll try to keep them up as much as possible!

Dude, you're on Wednesdays now.

Dude, you're on Wednesdays now.

Supernatural was back from a one month hiatus, and into it's new Wednesday slot, last night, and it was a pretty decent return that harkened back to the creepiness and gore of the first seasons of the show.  In other words, there was a lot of "EW!" in "The Things They Carried" from the super frightening cold open where a women struggled, tired and hung upside down before being bled out to the uber-gross "Khan Worms" that kept crawling out of people's mouths. It was incredibly well-directed with great effects and a stellar guest cast and it made this fangirl pretty happy.

The Khan Worms themselves were not only gross, but a pretty decent metaphor for Dean's struggle with the Mark of Cain. The worms made people literally blood thirsty, just as the Mark has made Dean thirsty for violence and vengeance. We saw two contrasting scenarios for resolving the Mark. Sam was in one case unable to save an infected man from trying to kill his wife and had to kill him, but Dean was able to help Cole (guest star Travis Aaron Wade) fight through things. The moral was that sometimes people do become monsters and must be ut down (like Dean)...but with faith and support they can survive and come out the otherside (like...Dean?). Sam is not happy with this implication and I think we'll see him starting to look for other ways to save Dean, even if it's "not the right thing."

But on the plus side, the entire fandom is delighted by the fact that this season Dean continues to branch out from his previously vocally defended love of pie and dismissal of cake to openly liking cake, even snaking little licks of it. Yes we've eve made pastry a metaphor for Dean's bisexuality and it's wonderful.

He's all about that cake.

Stay tuned for next week when we are treated to more Rowena (yay!) and angry nuns!