A new world and with it a new mission

Hi there, fellow fangirls! Now, as you may notice from looking at the site, things have been quiet around here for the last few months. It's mostly my fault - I have a small child and I've been focusing on writing for some other place, which has been really wonderful. Also there was that thing where Russia tricked America into electing a rotten, racist, sexist tangerine as "president." So, yeah, things have been stressful. But in my own little life, things have been great, and I've recently been meeting so many great women and minorities that are finding their voice in Hollywood that I figured it was time for them to have a platform.

So, without further ado I present to you, the new mission of Fangirling! The Website!

Fangirling is here to promote and support the voices of women and minorities in genre media.

What does that mean? It means the focus of this site will not just be on the stories on screen, but on the people that put them there. We'll profile great actors, point you towards some great minority and female driven stories and we'll talk to people working behind the scene as writers, directors, editors and more. 

Fangirling will also strive to serve as a resource for aspiring female and minority creators.

So many young people want to tell their stories and get them to a wider audience, or change the demographic of the behind the scenes world, but just don't know how. So we'll be focusing on resources and guidance for those trying to break in to the industry.

There's more to come in the near future - blogs and interviews and maybe even some new reviews if I can manage to make it out of the house. I hope you enjoy the ride.

The road may be long and hard, but it's a easier journey when we take it together.