Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict launch indiegoo campaign to reign as "Kings of Cons"

Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel in  Supernatural .

Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel in Supernatural.

erstwhile archangel and con MC extraordinaire, Richard Speight Jr has joined up with his bestie, and fellow Supernatural and con circuit favorite Rob Benedict to launch a indiegogo campaign. They are hoping to fund a new series based on their experiences in fandom and the con circuit and it sound pretty darn delightful. It's called Kings of Cons.

Benedict as the prophet Chuck.

Benedict as the prophet Chuck.

According to the indiegogo description Kings of Cons will be "a single camera comedy inspired by their real experiences that goes beyond the autograph lines and photo ops to what really makes the cons truly crazy and unpredictable - the actors paid to be there." Both the actors are also serving as producers and writers on the show and have been shooting material already while they've toured the country with Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural cons.

Their show characters seem quite a ways from the real identities, but still sound fun: "Rich, a thrice divorced former actor who’s love of the game is fueled by the faux fame he experiences at the hands of a gaggle fans who still think he matters, and Rob, a recent divorcee back on the circuit to cover the costs of his failed marriage and stalled career."

As someone who has been to several Supernatural Conventions and seen these guys in action, I'm very excited to see this project happen. Rob and Rich are hysterical guys, and also incredibly savvy about fandom and their place in it.  I can't wait to see what they do. (And yes, I'm totally going to back them)