Welcome to Fangirling!

Welcome to Fangirling! The Website! A new destination for fandom from the female side. This site's mission is to promote and explore the art of Fangirling. What is the art of fangirling, you ask? It's the passionate, questioning, and transformative interaction with media. Fangirls don't just consume, we challenge, create, demand change and build community, and that's what this site is all about. Also, you know, freaking out over the lasest episodes of our favorite shows.

With this is mind, here are the principals of responsible fangirling which the site will follow:

  • Respect: We are here to celebrate the media we love and each other. Though we may be critical at times, Fangirling is not about attacks, hate, prejudice or agendas. Comments are monitored and abusive, hateful or otherwise disrespectful comments will not be allowed.
  • Diversity: Fangirling is about celebrating and promoting diversity in both fandom and in media. This means we will endeavor to support female-, queer- and minority-centered and created content. 
  • No Shame: Celebrating fangirling is about acknowledging that fandom is powered by incredible women, and that we should not only rejoice in that fact, but remind the world that we fangirls are an important force behind the success of media.

What can you expect from Fangirling in the next months?

  • The Blog - Thought-provoking blogs and features from myself and other guest contributors. If you are interested in contributing, please use the contact form.
  • Fangirl News - Updates on whats happening in fandom and in the media.
  • Reviews - Reviews of movies, shows, books and even fanfic making waves among fangirls. This will also include
  • Retro Reviews, of fangirl classics. All reviews will provide a place for discussion, reaction and any necessary flailing.
  • "Let's Binge Watch..." - Coordinated binge watching parties so we can catch up on that one seasons or series we've been meaning to dive into, where we can comment, tweet and experience the fun together.
  • Interviews - Fun talks with fangirl faves.
  • Fangirling! The Book! - Find out more here, and check for updates as the book all about us becomes a reality.

So, please join me as we begin this new and exciting adventure together. Remember...