Fangirl Mini Review: Agent Carter

Last night saw the conclusion of Agent Carter’s first limited run season on ABC. Throughout the show’s eight episodes, it has continued to be surprising, intriguing and cleverly subversive at every turn. Agent Carter instantly drew fangirl attention and support because it made the radical choice to tell a female story from a uniquely female point of view. With stunning production values, a charming cast and trademark marvel wit and lightness, Agent Carter was not only the show we wanted, but the one we deserved.

The splendid Hayley Atwell in "Valediction."  Image via

The splendid Hayley Atwell in "Valediction." Image via

The beauty of genre media is that it’s detachment from our everyday reality allows it to address bigger issues in many ways. The period setting of Agent Carter id the post WWII era allowed for the show to address sexism head on. Peggy Carter’s story was defined by her status as a woman in a man’s world and her eventual successes despite the rampant misogyny she faced. What was refreshing about Peggy was that she never chose to compromise herself, or her femininity. Indeed, through out the show we see femininity consistently under estimated and them weaponized again and again (Angie using tears to throw of the SSR, Dottie’s seduction of stark and her consistent manipulation of other’s assumptions about her, poison lipstick!). Agent Carter wasn’t only smart and incredibly fun to watch, it was refreshing and, at least for me, personally touching and empowering?

There’s been much talk around tumblr about whether Agent carter will be renewed. I certainly hope so. ABC gave Agents of SHIELD a reprieve from the chopping block despite fading ratings and critical boredom, which has resulted n a much stronger second season. Agent Carter is already creatively ahead of AoS but behind in ratings, and there is so much more story to tell about Peggy.Furthermore, though the rating were middling, Agent carter has activated a passionate base of fans, a comodity not lightly igonre or wated. I loved the structure of having a limited run series in the same world fill a mid-season gap, and I sincerely hope ABC realizes that they have a bona fide fan hit, and repeat this structure next year. 

Until we know what the future hold, let’s enjoy what we have and keep talking about how Peggy is a new hero for all of us. And also, let’s write all the Peggy/Angie fic. All of it.

This post original was published on the fangirlingthebook tumblr on February 25th, 2015